These are some old translations of doodles from Yamamoto’s Twitter pre-2020. Check ’em out.

Originally posted April 28, 2018.
Apologizing for frequent B2W2 chapter hiatuses.
Posted July 20, 2018
A small doodle for Gold’s birthday.
Posted July 20, 2018.
Promoting the newest SM chapter and commenting on Moon’s design.
Posted November 29, 2018.
Beauty is a sin~
Posted November 29, 2018.
For Green’s birthday. In the last bit, Bill says “いい ii” before being cut off, and says he wanted to say “いい天気 ii tenki”. Green says that people from Goldenrod always say “ええ天気 ee tenki”, which is an accent difference.
Posted November 29, 2018.
“Good Knee Highs Day” is a thing in Japan.
Posted January 2, 2019.
Moon’s birthday gift.

Posted January 2, 2019.
Moon’s birthday, part 2.
Posted May 30, 2018.
Emerald’s birthday.